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Koch Industries Employees 160,00 People In 60 Countries: Overview – Tim Bellamy (08/08/2018)

Koch Industries, formerly known as Rock Island Oil & Refining Co, Inc. is a private multinational corporation founded by Fred C. Koch in 1940, right after he developed an innovative crude oil refining process. The corporation is based in Wichita, Kansas with subsidiaries in the US. The company is involved in production of transportation fuels, ethanol, petrochemicals, base oils, asphalts, biodiesel, diesel, heating oils and jet fuel. It also operates pipelines which transport crude oil, as well as refined petroleum products, natural gas liquids, chemicals and ethanol, and manufactures building and consumer products, paper, tissue, chemicals and cellulose. Koch Industries also produces chemical intermediated, plastics and polymers, fabrics and fibers, as well as specialty chemicals. The company is also involved in manufacturing antennas, cable assemblies, application tooling, connected lighting, electrical products and more, as well as in methanol production for use in daily products and plant nutrients and fertilizers.

This multinational corporation markets, trades, as well as handles dry-bulk commodities, engages in gas and oil exploration, steel, oil field products and many more. The company trades and supplies refined petroleum products, crude oil, industrial metals, natural gas and more valued commodities.

Almost 50% of the company’s business is in the US, and the remaining percentage is located overseas. Koch Industries employs over 120,000 people in 60+ countries. These numbers are roughly calculated, as we can’t get the exact number.

Koch Industries are always challenging themselves, in order to improve and create better products using fewer resources. At the same time, they challenge barriers which hinder the competition, innovation, opportunity and progress.