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These Five Stocks Are Heading For Big Trouble In August – Mike Swanson (07/30/2018)

Last week the Nasdaq made a new high on the technical analysis stocks, but several high profile stocks in the Nasdaq 100 broke down hard. This is a big stock market warning sign, but there are now some individual stocks in a bad position to go lower and one presenting a good entry point to actually take a bet against it by buying put options or shorting shares using the dead cat bounce stock trading pattern.

The best way I can explain to you what I am seeing is to show you in a quick video.

Yes it is fun to buy stocks when they go up and I still use my number one stock trading pattern for buying, but right now I also am betting against POS stocks

This is in essence what many people call pair trading when you go long one stock or ETF and short another.

And I believe August is going to be more of a down up than an up month for the stock market.

But the best things to bet against are the pure POS stocks.

If you want to get involved in betting against junk stocks like Tsla (stocks fall faster than they go up), then click here.

And if you want to find out what I now have 20% of my money betting against that isn’t stocks get into my POS Stocks Total Program off at the bottom of this page.