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This Is The Time For You To Help Bitcoin People As Crypto Collapses – Mike Swanson (06/11/2018)

Last year was the year of Bitcoin as crypto trading became a total mania in 2018, but today Bitcoin is falling again down over 8% this morning as it smashes through 7,000.

Think back to December when it got to 20,000 and even CNBC was talking about it nonstop.I bet that you too were hearing people talk about Bitcoin at Christmas parties and even may have known a few young people get into trading for the very first time by opening up a crypto account.

They thought it would make them rich, but it didn’t, because Bitcoin is not money!

If it was money then businesses would be using Bitcoin accounts instead of bank accounts to transfer money with each other and as a replacement for cash.

But they don’t, because Bitcoin is too volatile to use as a store of value and has such high transaction fees that it will never replace a normal bank account.

Not a single restaurant or store where I live will take Bitcoin, because it is not money.

All Bitcoin has proven to be is a vicious financial manipulation that ended when the Bitcoin price cartel lost control of the market in December.

And now the investigations are starting.

I know that there were a lot of Bitcoin bulls that were really smug in December about their gains and refused to listen to any warnings about what they were buying into.

And I know that there is a good chance that those people may have annoyed you as they were everywhere on Facebook.

But now is the time for us to forget about that, because these Bitcoin players need help now.


Price action has proven that Bitcoin was nothing but hype.

And the losses today will wake some people up who got fooled by the hype talk.



If you know anyone who got into trading for the very first time with Bitcoin now is the moment where you can use what Bitcoin did as a teaching lesson.

The millennials want to make money.

They don’t want to keep losing in crypto crap.

They will listen now.

If anything Bitcoin has shown us the principles of investing and we can use that as a teaching moment to get younger people to buy into something real.

It shows us that the best time to really invest in something is not when something has already gone parabolic and everyone wants to buy, but when something had been in a bear market for years and no one cares even after the bottom.

When it comes to the markets probably right now silver is the best example of this.

Let me show you something amazing when it comes to silver.

This is silver with the commitment of traders report on the bottom.

The blue line is the size of the futures position held by giant hedgers and producers who tend to use the futures market to hedge their operations by locking in the price.

They tend to be right at key turning points in the market while small fry traders tend to be wrong.

I have two circles on this chart.

The first circle is back in April of 2017 when the commercials had a net short position of over 120,000 contracts.

The second circle is for a few weeks ago when the commercials had a net short position of less than 3,000 contracts.

Here is the thing about that number.

That number is the SMALLEST net short position that the “smart money” giant producers and hedgers have had in the silver market in over 30 years.

This is the most bullish that the commercials have been on silver in my entire trading career.

That doesn’t mean it’s going to surge Tuesday, but if you want to invest this is now a key place to look.

People in Bitcoin should sell out of crypto and buy silver right now and they in time can not only make back what they lost, but make more imho.

If you missed it check out the report I wrote last week on why silver and gold is in the position now that Bitcoin was back in 2016 (except unlike Bitcoin they are real having existed since the dawn of human history as stores of value – the book of Genesis for instance talks about Joseph using silver as money and tomorrow people will be talking about silver as everyone forgets about crypto virtual crap currencies):


-Mike Swanson