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Is The Office Of The President So Big That No One Man Can Control It? – Mike Swanson (06/06/2018)

An article in The Atlantic with the provocative title The Presidency Is Broken is worth taking your time to read.

A lot of attention you could say obsession has been on Donald Trump as a person over the past year and he has worked on Twitter and by using his smashmouth to make people obsess about him. He is indeed the greatest reality star of our lifetime.

But has this obsession with Trump and his mythical battles with “fake news” and the “deep state” as an individual made people miss the big picture.

Perhaps not much has really changed since Trump has gotten into office.

As this Atlantic article puts it:

The presidency, Dickerson explains, has ballooned into something more complex than the Constitution’s framers ever envisioned: Modern presidents must coordinate with far more Cabinet members, govern in a highly partisan environment, deal with around-the-clock criticism in a real-time media environment, and still summon the emotional bandwidth to lead the country through tragedy.

Read the full article here.

Here is a worthwhile interview with The Altantic’s editor and chief Jeffrey Goldberg and the author of the article John Dickerson of CBS News.

I traced out how the executive office became what a JFK aid called the “permanent government” in my book The War State.  That turning point was World War II and the start of The Cold War.