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Bitcoin Now Becoming a Passing Fad As Interest Fades Fast – Mike Swanson (02/01/2018)

Here is more evidence that Bitcoin is now slowly dying in front of our eyes. Take a look at this chart below, which is the number of searches for “Bitcoin” in the Google search engine.

As you can see the number of searches shot up when the price of Bitcoin doubled in November as a manic surge among the masses to open up crypto trading accounts to buy Bitcoin occured. They chased the price up and bought it as if they were buying a lottery ticket.

Bitcoin trading was also talked about nonstop on TV and there were ads for it everywhere on the Internet.

It seemed at the time that it was going to become the next big thing with people trading it all of the time and even using it as a form of currency.

But now looking at it you can be glad that you are not in Bitcoin if you never bought it as it has already fallen 50% from its highs of $20,000 in December.

The interest among the masses has now fallen too as shown by the number of times they are searching for it in Google.

The fact that it has fallen back down to where it was before the November run shows that it has all of the appearances of a passing fad.

It seems that the Bitcoin carterl has lost their price control indeed.

What Bitcoin needs to do in order to go up again like it did in November 2017 is for another another rush of small investors to open up accounts to buy to occur.

But their searches are fading as it all just looks like a passing fad that in time will be completely forgotten about by just about everyone.