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Larry Kudlow Says Stock Market Now More Important to Trump Than Anything – CNBC (01/18/2018)

The stock market is now the most important indicator of success for Donald Trump and is now influencing what he decides to do and not to do.
Larry Kudlow reveals an amazing thing in this CNBC clip from his White House contacts about NAFTA and the DOW.
Kudlow himself was tapped as a potential top economic advisor for Donald Trump during his transition, but Goldman Sachs wonder boy Gary Cohn took the job.
But Kudlow still talks with people inside the White House and in this video on CNBC reveals that Donald Trump is NOT going to pull out of NAFTA despite what he said during his Presidential campaign.
The reason why is that the stock market has now become his most important indicator for success.
During his campaign it was his poll numbers that were his big indicator of success for him as he won the Republican primaries.
Then once he won the election it was the fact that he won that became the big thing.
But now it is simply the rising DOW that has become his most important data point he can point to and boast.
Kudlow reveals in this video that Gary Cohn and his Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin (another ex-Goldman guy) told him that if he pulls out of NAFTA the DOW would drop.
And now with the stock market the most important thing to him Donald Trump will NOT pull out of NAFTA.