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Podcast – Charles Hugh Smith on The Mainstream Media and the Populist Global Revolt – Mike Swanson (12/06/2016)

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I did an interview with Charles Hugh Smith of www.oftwominds.com to get his take on the populist wave sweeping the world, what is causing it, and where things are going.
Charles is someone I follow closely because he gives an interesting picture of the background events impacting the financial markets.
I also got him to talk about the recent story in The Washington Post where they fingered roughly 200 websites as being “fake news” sites under what they claim is Russian control ranging from drugereport, Truthdig, and Zerohedge. OfTwoMinds.com was listed, probably because Mr. Smith publishes articles on it as he never writes anything about Russia.
One of the websites name is threatening a lawsuit against the Post for its smears. I did a post about that today.
I don’t like this Washington Post smear campaign, because it is a threat to anyone who won’t toe their inside the beltway establishment worldview like a parrot.
But it is really the talk about the picture with Charles I think you’ll find more interesting for yourself.

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