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Reach Our Audience With Your Offer With An Email Sponsorship

You can now get your offer in front of our audience with an email sponsorship.

Every business day Monday-Friday we send out an email before the stock market opening bell. With a simple sponsorship spot you can put your headline offer at the top of our email in the most prominent and most clicked spot. We only do one sponsorship spot a day!

Here is what it looks like.

Each sponsorship goes out to our master list of over 22,000 email subscribers.

Thanks to the fact that we fill our emails with useful links and informative news stories our emails have a high open rate of over 34%.

We also use double-opt in to get new subscribers and drop ones that are no longer active to keep our master list fresh and our open and click rates healthy.

The cost?

It’s only $200 and each sponsorship headline will typically get between 130-200 clicks.

That creates a cheaper CPC cost for you for a high value audience than you’ll typically get from advertising networks and places like adwords or Facebook.

Using one of our ads in conjunction with ad spend elsewhere is a good way to lower your average monthly ad cost, or make your advertising more effective.

We have a fast process for you to try this out.

Here is what to do to reserve your spot.

Look at the calendar below and figure out a date you would like to use to try us out.

Then just send us a message by going to the contact us form here.

In the message give us the date, headline, and link that you want to use.

We’ll then get back to you with an invoice link via paypal so that you can pay through them or use a credit card.

To reserve a spot just contact us and let us know what date(s) you are interested in.

If you want multiple spots, we only reserve one spot a week per advertiser to mix things up.

Just hit the contact us form here.