Now I do not always take lots of positions betting against POS stocks.  There are times when it is simply much easier to make all your money buying stocks than trying to bet against any of them.  At the start of a new bull market or in the middle of one that is the best thing to do.  But when the stock market is towards the end of a bull market in the final inning or starting a new bear market than POS stocks provide incredible profit opportunities.

Now I have long positions in my accounts.  Don't get me wrong it's fun to own things that go up.

But we are now in a market with increasing volatility and narrowing leadership, which is causing lots of stocks to just dump.

The best example of this is Facebook.  It had always been seen as a must own stock that always goes up.  But then this summer it crashed overnight after putting out a bad earnings report.  It hasn't been able to make new highs ever since and is already trading near lows of the year.

But it was a warning sign.

If Facebook could crash that meant other stocks could do so too.  So the past few weeks has seen a blow-up just about every single day in a stock somewhere.

And this creates opportunities to bet against junk stocks.

Right now really these are the trades working the best in the market.

Stocks simply tend to go down faster than they go up and that creates opportunities.

And that means that there is big money to be made by making bets for things to drop whether it be with short selling or put options.

My favorite setup for doing this is now appearing in lots of individual stocks and that is my Dead Cat Bounce Stock Trading Pattern - which basically take my Two Fold Formula for buying stocks and turns it upside down.  It creates the best risk to reward entry point for doing this, but you need to be selective in what stocks you bet against.

Of course when you short the right things you can make a killing. 

On Friday 11/09/2018 for instance a stock I shorted fell 18% in a day and I am still short this stock, because it is in big trouble now.

You may have read the Michael Lewis book called The Big Short or seen the movie based upon it.  If you haven't then you may want to check them out.  Here is a scene from the movie:


The Big Short tells the story of a group of traders who made fortunes in 2008 betting against subprime mortgage securities before the crash when no one else believed in them until it became all too obvious.  While so many lost money in the market in 2008 the people profiled in The Big Short were the biggest winners.  They include Cornwall Capital that started with a hedge fund with $110,00 in assets in it and grew it to $120 million on the market crash.  Also profiled in The Big Short is Meredith Whitney, Steve Eisman, and Michael Burry who was blind in one eye and suffers from Aspergers syndrome.

Those "defects" possibly helped him personally make $100 million and another $700 million for people who invested with him.

It takes a special person to make money shorting stocks or betting against other securities, because usually when you do it everyone around you tells you not to do it.

Talking about shorting makes many people angry, because the masses only know how to make money when things only go up.

And they don't want to do the work or thinking that making big money really takes so they actually resent people who make money when they lose.

It isn't just the masses like this - so are the only go long mutual fund managers and empty suits on CNBC.

So the small traders lost a lot of money in the stock market during the 2008 meltdown, but some of the biggest losses happened on Wall Street.  AIG Financial lost $99 billion.  Morgan Stanley trader Howie Hubler helped lose over $9 billion in one complicated credit swap trade for his firm.  But for every loser in the stock market there is a winner.  For instance there is John Paulson who made $4 billion in 2007 from the start of the subprime decline.

When you are positioned correctly you cannot predict the amount of money you might make and there are small groups of people who work together to win.

But to bet against stocks you have to be able to go against the crowd and ignore hype.  It simply isn't for everyone and The Big Short movie shows what it takes to do it - and the rewards.

I am not perfect, but I personally made money betting against the stock market too in 2008 by using the ultra-short exchange traded fund SDS.  In fact I still use exchange traded funds as a tool in my own investment accounts, but they have some drawbacks to them. 

For one thing the 2X and 3X ETF's have a decay factor that is different from fund to fund due to the fact that they are invested in options and derivatives.  They also move totally at the mercy of the stock market.  So you have to time the market just about perfectly if you have a big position in them.

During the 2000-2003 bear market I did not use these funds to trade the market, because they did not exist yet.  Instead I bet against individual stocks by short selling bad ones.  They were mostly internet junk stocks that do not even exist anymore.  Then around 2002 I moved mainly into the long side of the financial markets by getting involved heavily in gold mining stocks, because the gold market started a new bull market in 2002.  I did short a few individual stocks though here and there that were total POS stocks as these stocks can fall no matter what the stock market is doing. 

And they are just so much fun and at this moment there are so many of them out there to find and target.  So now is the time to do it again.

You just have to know what to look for and do the digging to find them.

And that means becoming a stock detective.


Over eighteen years ago I was targeting many POS stocks.  Some of my friends know about some of these stocks, because the stories were so crazy.  But no one knows until today that I had a bit of a secret advantage.  You see I was part of an underground elite short selling group that was working together to find and research these stocks.  We were not just looking for overvalued stocks, but questionable stocks.  We found stocks run by criminals that did not deserve to exist.  If there was anything equivalent to the Yale Skull and Bones secret society in the stock trading world this was it.

There were only about a dozen other people in the group that were invited.  And then it grew slowly to fifty and that was it.  I did not know any of the real names of the other people in the group except one of them.  The guy I did know entered an Ameritrade contest in 2000 and beat out 42,000 other people to win $1,000,000. I also suspect, but do not know, that one may have even been in the CIA or retired from CIA, because of one of the stocks we got involved in. 

I'll tell you about that in a moment, but you first need to know that the group was run as a private Yahoo Group and we were all chosen individually and then invited by the man who put it together.  Sadly one day he silently ended the group so it no longer exists.

(BTW - I was invited into this private group because I found a POS stock.  I researched it and then shorted it.  I went on the Yahoo message board for this stock and told people what I found out about it.  So I got invited in.  I no longer post on Yahoo message boards in case you are wondering.)

Of course this secret group gave me an advantage at the time that most people in the trading world simply did not have.  Most people are all alone, but the group of us all shared information about individual stocks together and with some of them the more we dug the crazier things got.  We even had a guy go in person to check out the grounds of a company we were targeting on the outskirts of Los Angeles. 


It was called Genesis Intermedia and it would change the way I looked at the financial world forever.  It traded on the Nasdaq under the symbol GENI until the Securities Exchange Commission halted it on 9/25/01 fourteen days after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  I welcomed that news, because I personally had shorted this stock so I profited from its deserved destruction.

This is a picture of the man who was the company's largest shareholder. His name is Adnan Khashoggi and he is a Saudi Arabian who became a billionaire in the arms trade.  He sold weapons to rebels (even people kidnapping children) and governments all over Africa and the Middle East (terrorists?) and became a key figure in the Iran-Contra scandal as he worked all sides as the key middle man.

Yes in case you are wondering he is related to the murdered Jamal Kashaggi.

Andan was his uncle.  These Saudi types are not nice guys.

The best way to describe Andan Khashoggi is as a war profiteer and a merchant of death.  But hey, in the underworld of the power elite this is nothing new.  I'm sure you know about Joseph Kennedy and bootleg.  Well Prescott Bush was a big funder of Nazi Germany and the Franklin Roosevelt family made their fortune in opium in the 1800's and don't get me started on JP Morgan.  These are different stories for some other time.  The key thing is that by 2001 Khashoggi had warrants out for his arrest from Interpol.

Here is a video clip of Donald Trump talking about buying a giant yacht from him in 1998.

The Interpol warrants didn't stop Khashoggi from operating what would become one of the most vicious stock market operations of the decade.

Here is what was the logo for what was GENI.

They were a company with a website that claimed to operate a car rental company, a telemarketing company, a coupon business, an infomercial division, and shopping mall web kiosks.

The stock went up from $1.67 in September 1999 all of the way up to $25.00 by June of 2001.

Then one day I read about a funny letter that the CEO sent to all shareholders.  He claimed that there was a massive short position in the stock and told them to call in their shares to make the stock go up more.

I did some digging and found out that there was indeed a giant short position, but it was owned by one private investment company calling itself Ultimate Holdings.

What is crazy is that Ultimate Holdings was also the largest shareholder in GENI.  It owned 8 million out of 10 million shares owned by insiders.

And Ultimate Holdings was a front for Khashoggi.

Never before or since had I seen a situation where the biggest shareholder of a company was also its biggest short seller.  This mean that no letters in the mail were going to create a short squeeze, because Khasoggi's short position was simply a hedge to lock in his gains.  It also meant that something very strange was going on.

So we dug into the details.

I found out that there was a stock promotion boiler room in Florida that was calling people on the phone and telling them to buy the stock just like out of the movie The Wolf of Wall Street.

An "analyst" had been on TV multiple times touting the stock.

His name was Rafi Kahn and he had a lengthy wrap sheet of SEC violations.

Of course he was being paid to tout the stock.

And another CNBC guest named Courtney Smith did the same thing over and over again.  And he was paid $95,000 and one million dollars worth of GENI stock to do it.

And that made no difference to CNBC.  Either they did not know or did not care to know what conflicts of interests their guests had.

The more we looked into GENI the crazier it got.

Someone found out that the original chop shop firm that helped bring GENI public was operated by a lawyer with ties to Barry Seal.

Who is he?

Well Mr. Seal transported cocaine from Colombia and into the United States over and over again for Pablo Escobar and other drug pushers until Escobar decided to kill him.

And GENI stock traded really funny.  It was like it was being manipulated.  Almost every day it would trade down on big selling almost every hour and then go up in the last hour to magically find a way to close the day near even.  It looked to me like someone was dumping the stock and then manipulating it to mark it up day after day.

After the SEC halted the stock they revealed in their complaint against GENI that Khashoggi had traders make thousands of trades in multiple accounts to do just that.

The company generated nothing but losses and was on the path to going under.

So I shorted it.  But I thought something bad could happen with it even if it didn't go bankrupt.  It was obviously run by underworld figures in a vicious stock promotion.

There was a GENI Yahoo message board and on it I publicly posted my thoughts on the GENI turd along with others in the private short selling group.

As a result people were threatened - probably by boiler room phone boys.

But it didn't matter.  If someone is really going to hurt you they are going to hurt you and not talk about it.

Shortly after the terror attacks of September 11, 2001 the SEC took action and halted GENI stock.

A few weeks later even more news came out and it turned out that a small brokerage firm called NativeNations Securities had been defrauded by Khashoggi and his associates for over $100 million and went under.  All small clients with accounts at the firm woke up and found their accounts vaporized one morning.  And a second firm called MJK Clearing Corp with $175 million went down with it.  Khashoggi had borrowed money from these firms and used GENI stock as collateral.

After the SEC halt the stock eventually opened up again on the pink sheets and fell to pennies and then ceased to exist.  So a short sell returned a 100% return.

GENI stock caused anyone looking at it to wonder and ask questions.

And there were other questionable stocks that I shorted along with the group at the time for big profits.  And right now today there are many out there that are very questionable.  In fact at this moment I am short a POS stock I shorted back then that simply changed its name and ticker symbol.

We have seen many such stocks blow up in the past few months and I am sure that there will be more of them to come.  And yes it will be an adventure.

The key question to ask is how to profit from this?

If you are wondering then you are doing the right thing, because now is the time to ask that question.

Therefore, I have put together a brand new program for you to help you identify such stocks, understand how they trade, and develop strategies to bet against them.  And I have also created a way for us to both target and bet against these stocks together.


The first thing I have done is I have created a new series of seven video modules for you to help you find POS stocks.  Once you go through these modules you will know the characteristics that make up a POS stock.  You will also see the scans I use on the internet to make a list of strange stocks to pick through so that you can become a POS stock detective yourself.

If you are a beginner you will also learn in one of the modules the basics of short-selling stocks and how to bet against them with options. Nothing like this existed when I first started out in the stock market and it is exactly what I would want now if I was a beginner.  You can buy and watch this video series by itself, but I have put together a premium bonus that will really help you put it to use right now and in the months to come.


I have put together a special bonus POS Stocks Program for the both of us. 

Along with the seven POS modules if you get the bonus you also will get a complete PDF report in which I will give you my five top POS stocks to bet against now that I actually do have positions in.  I put my money where my mouth is.

And then I have created what may be the greatest bonus ever offered before in the trading world.  I have created a special private Facebook group devoted to identifying, researching, and targeting POS stocks.  Once you buy the Bonus POS Stocks Program you'll be invited to join it for a permanent membership.

You may have figured this out already, but this new private Facebook group is the main reason why I have made this course.  With what has happened with the stock market in the past few years and past few months now is simply the time. 

When I was in that secret short selling group over fifteen years ago it was a huge help to me and the other people in the group, because we were able to find and research stocks together.  That group is long gone and I know of nothing like it on the internet so I decided to simply start my own underground group myself right now to give us the both the edge I had then.

What made that group work was it's narrow focus and dedication to the simple concept of finding POS stocks to profit from.  You most likely have been on stock trading message boards or just message boards in general on the internet.  Almost all of them are places of constant bickering, arguing, and egomania.

My private FB group is not going to be like that, because it is only going to be about POS Stocks.  If you have a POS stocks then bring it to the group for other group members to examine and research.  That's what we will do in this group.  We will focus only on POS Stocks and help each other dig up info on them for the benefit of all members of the group.

We're not going to talk about anything else.  So there will be no political talk or even talk about the trends of the broad market or things unrelated to POS Stocks such as forex or bitcoin.

I'm going to oversee the group so if anyone starts to run wild and curse people like you see in Yahoo message boards they will be removed from it.  I don't think that will be a problem really, because also I'm using Facebook for the group and will moderate it. I have found that Facebook groups in general run much better than groups on Yahoo and elsewhere that make people totally anonymous.  Facebook just makes for a better more friendly atmosphere and by keeping this group private we will keep it small so that it will remain underground and focused.

I expect a lot experienced traders and short-sellers to join this group.  But people who are beginners will also be able to contribute to it, because the knowledge they gain from the video modules will get them on track in the world of POS stocks.

For all members of this underground group it will essentially be their own private intelligence unit for POS Stocks.  I'm sure there will be a lot of stories that come out of it.

The thing is now is the time.  You have seen the weakness in individual stocks in the past few months and if you have been paying attention I am sure you have noticed a few stocks totally blow up.  This is only just starting so there is no better time than now to get involved in betting against stocks and a group devoted to helping you do it one on one.


I have also included in this bonus a free 30-day trial to my core product, which is my stock market advisory service that I have been writing for 18 years now.  It's called WallStreetWindow Power Investor.

It includes access to my seven position portfolio which invests in a mix of exchange traded funds and stocks to invest in simple positions in order to take advantage of the changing trends of the markets.  I opened an account with Robinhood to put real money into this portfolio.  So it is not a "model portfolio" or a simple list of stocks like you may see in newsletters you may have subscribed to in the past, but one with real money in it.

This portfolio will tell you what I think are the best seven positions to invest in - long or short.

What you will get as a Power Investor subscriber are also updates from me every week in which I go over what is happening in the stock market, trading setups, and any changes being made to my seven position portfolio portfolio.

In fact when I do make a change in the portfolio you'll get an instant email trade alert.

And I also share other trading ideas I have and positions I may own in by main account that appear to be lining up for a good entry point.

And that includes POS stocks!

The Power Investor Service renews at the price of $97.00 every 30-days.  Your first 30-days are free as a trial membership.  If you decide it is not for you all you have to do is cancel before the 30-day trial period is over and you will not be charged anything beyond your payment for the POS Stock Program.


Now this is not 2008 all over again, but I am now betting against many pos stocks.  There are five in particular that are coming into this week lined up for a good entry point.

These trades really have nothing to do with the stock market, but I think these trades are going to have a big pay-off, because these stocks are junk.

But the thing is these stocks have a good entry point RIGHT NOW on the week I put out this report on 11/12/2018.

One of these companies has blown its balance sheet borrowing money to do stock buybacks and is reporting earnings in December.  That means right now it can't do buybacks ahead of earnings and so is going to have missing buying power this month.  The others have good entry points on there charts that gives a time window that is likely to close quickly.

I expect these stocks to all go down the toilet by the end of the month so really you need to get this report ASAP in order to fully take advantage of it.  So grab the POS Stocks Total Program now to get this report.

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