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Nancy Pelosi’s Trip To Taiwan Turns Into A Strategic Mistake (NYT and WAPO Say China Won This One) – Mike Swanson

Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan has turned into a major strategic mistake on the geopolitical chessboard. This is the verdict this morning by the editorial board of the Washington Post and in an article about the trip in the New York Times. The Times article distances the Biden administration from the Speaker of the House, by claiming that they advised her not to go and she went anyway in order to make a big legacy for herself before the mid-term elections. Whether this is the case or not, the article makes clear that US allies in the region were not informed about the trip and thereby put off guard by it. At the same time, the show of Chinese military force is intense and weakens Taiwan and now there is less regional stability. No one wins when these geopolitical chess games are played like this.


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