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John Kiriakou on the War on Alternative Media – Source – Scott Horton Show

Scott Horton is joined by CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou in this episode of the Scott Horton Show to discuss the recent uptick in deplatforming efforts against alternative media sites like Consortium News and MintPress News. They discuss the hold that the Intelligence Community has over establishment national security “journalists.” The example of Ken Dilanian comes up, the journalist who reported on the CIA, but who sent every draft to the CIA for approval before even sending it to his own editor. Meanwhile, alternative websites like The Grayzone, Consortium News, MintPress News and get no access and are quickly labeled as unstable conspiracy theorists. Recently, the deplatforming attempts against these sites have ramped up with the new “misinformation” labeling group NewsGuard. Scott and Kiriakou agree that this is the logical consequence of the attempt to ruin Jullian Assange, but also that it could be an act of desperation.

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