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Ochelli Effect: Meta Market Failed States – Mike Swanson

Last week I was live on The Ochelli Effect.

To listen to this as an MP3 file click here.

From the show notes:

Three Ochelli favorites in one show!

Mike Swanson and Chuck discussed the desert of the unreal. Meta Data and investments disconnected from real things keep the casino going while technology continues to evolve.

How bad were the riots of the 60s and 70s compared to The Summer of George Floyd? Does anyone know what will crash next? Do you remember when Shaq gave a guy a heart attack?

Joseph L. Flatley and JG Michael currently co-host The Failed State Update podcast and came on in their newly minted slot on The Ochelli Effect every other Thursday. We also need to thank JG for staying awake this week. Is Chuck anything like Roger Waters?

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