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N95 Giveaway at Public Libraries In Rockingham County, North Carolina

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Additional N95 masks acquired from the state for distribution. 

The Rockingham County Department of Health and Human Services is partnering with Rockingham Public Libraries to distribute additional N95 masks acquired from the state. There is a limited supply, so a limit of three bags (four masks to a bag) per household with a limit of two households eligible to be picked up at a time. This will help to ensure an equitable distribution of masks to county citizens.

Distribution of masks will begin at 10am (Stoneville begins at 2pm) on February 3rd at each of the public libraries across the county. Masks will be distributed until supply is gone. The locations are as follows:

The NCDHHS recommends that everyone wear a mask when in indoor public spaces. This is consistent with CDC guidance for people living in counties of high or substantial levels of transmission.


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