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Internet Provider Choice Presented to Board of Commissioners In Rockingham County, NC

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Request For Proposal Process Complete & Vendor Selected 

Wentworth, NC – The RFP process (from 11/5/2021 to 12/7/2021) to select a vendor for providing fiber Internet within Rockingham County has been completed.  The goal of this project is to to provide fiber Internet to all areas of the county not currently receiving a minimum of 25 MB download and 3 MB upload speed.  Areas that have received funding from another Federal and/or State Grant and/or Broadband expansion programs will be excluded from this project due to FCC regulations. 

Proposals were submitted by four service providers.  Derek Southern, Chief Information Officer for Rockingham County, outlined in his presentation to the Board of Commissioners on 12/22/2021 the reasons why Charter Spectrum was selected to best meet the needs of citizens.

The next phase of the multi-faceted project to make broadband internet accessible to Rockingham County is to enter into contract negotiations with Charter Spectrum, finalize plans and timelines for the project.

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