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New $39.5 Million Grant Award Moves Pittsylvania County Broadband Effort Forward

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Today it was announced that Pittsylvania County and RiverStreet Networks were awarded approximately $39.5 million for internet expansion. These funds will be used for a $75 million fiber-to-the-home network in Pittsylvania County that is expected to reach more than 11,985 unserved locations within approximately three years.

Pittsylvania County and Pittsylvania County Schools are partnering with RiverStreet Networks for this project. Pittsylvania County is investing $11 million in the network, with $6.5 million of that coming from ARPA funds and another $4.5 million coming from a revenue-sharing agreement with RiverStreet. Pittsylvania County Schools are also investing $5.5 million. RiverStreet Networks will provide a $19.6 million match, and the remaining $39.5 million is expected to come from the announced Virginia Telecommunication Initiative (VATI).

Additional information about this fiber-to-the-home network and the deployment timeline will be released in the near future.

Learn more about the announcement that Pittsylvania County and RiverStreet Networks were partnering:

Learn more about today’s announcement of the award of VATI funds from the State:

This announcement was made by the county government via this Facebook post:

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