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Martinsville’s Hometown Hustle Premiers – Episode 1: Books and Crannies – Mike Swanson

The first episode of Home Town Hustler, an episodic video show in Martinsville, Viriginia premiered on Friday November 26, 2021. This first episode spotlighted the downtown store Books and Crannies. Ever wondered what life is like for small-town business entrepreneurs? It may be a lot different than you think! In 2016, Deshanta Hairston received a start-up grant and turned her love of reading into her very own bookstore business! She hustles hard, not only as a businesswoman but as a supermom, too. When her business started declining, she decided to step out of her comfort zone and tell the world that there is no one right way to be an entrepreneur. She showed us how important it is to live in your truth and own your personal journey, no matter what it looks like!

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