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Does The Sage Mule Have The Best Sunday Brunch In Greensboro, NC?

Does the Sage Mule have the best Sunday brunch In Greensboro, NC? This is the question investigated by “Mr. Chime Time” in a new Youtube video he uploaded. The only way he could find the answer is to and try some of their good for himself! The Sage Mule is located at 608 Battleground Ave and is currently open Wednesday-Sunday. According to its website, at “The Sage Mule you’ll find your favorite go-to’s crafted with love and creativity. But you’ll also find exciting new flavors and combinations you didn’t know you needed in your life. You’ll wake up with some of the finest coffee Greensboro has to offer, and tackle the morning with freshly baked, scratch-made pastries. You’ll enjoy locally-sourced ingredients that transform the humble sandwich into something sublime.”

Here is the video by Mr. Chime Time.

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