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A Critical Look at AIPAC and Its Recent Strategic Pivot w/ Grant F. Smith – Source – Parallax Views

On this edition of Parallax Views, the American Israel Public Affairs Commitee (AIPAC) recently announced the launch of a Super PAC which signals its official entry into direct spending on U.S. elections. Joining us to explain the reasons AIPAC may be doing this as well as to give a critical overall perspective on the lobby is Grant F. Smith of the Institute for Research: Middle East Policy. Joining me to co-host this conversation is “Free Palestine”, host of the West Bank Robbery podcast. We discuss a number of issues including the Virginia Israel Advisory Board and Project Jonah, the Steve Rosen/Keith Weissman/Larry Franklin scandal, the need to avoid antisemitism in talking about both AIPAC and Israel/Palestine, Zaha Hassan and the human rights-centric approach to Israel/Palestine, Stealth PACs, Jamal Bowman, the Abraham Accords, the UAE, and much, much more!

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