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The Ochelli Effect: Mike Swanson and Captain Trips – Mike Swanson

On Tuesday night I was live on The Ochelli Effect. “When was America Great? Does the economy suck for you? Will anyone notice the squeeze put on them? Mike and Chuck discussed the recent political landscape in Virginia and within the one-party system. Is the national mainstream becoming predictable again? Mike Swanson returned to show for Chuck to talk too much again. How bad have things been the last 50 years? ARE WE RETURNING TO THE SAME TYPE OF TROUBLES WE HAD IN THE 1970S? Captain Trips didn’t talk about Corona stuff this time. He covered Pearse Redmonds’ spot with a unique hour. Do you keep a BDSM Treehouse in the front or back part of your yard? Chuck and The Captain discussed some sane analysis regarding the deadly concert in Houston. The Trips picked up on one of the most disturbing articles ever examined on The Ochelli Effect. This is not the family hour,” writes Chuck Ochelli.

You can listen to this as an MP3 file by clicking here.


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