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Pittsylvania County Public Hearing On Redistricting To Be Held Tuesday Night – Mike Swanson

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Tomorrow night, the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors meeting will include a public hearing portion for comments on their redistricting plans. The meeting starts at 7:00 PM, and according to the agenda packet under item 10:


A. Other Public Hearings
“Each person addressing the Board under a Public Hearing shall step up, give his/her
name and district, and/or his/her place of residency for non-County citizens, in an
audible tone of voice for the record, and unless further time is granted by the
Chairman, shall limit his/her address to three (3) minutes; speakers for a group shall be
limited to ten (10) minutes. Speakers shall conclude their remarks at that time, unless
the consent of the Board is affirmatively given to extend the speakers allotted time.
Absent Chairman’s approval, no person shall be able to speak who has not signed up.

1. Public Hearing: Revisions to PCC § 35-141(C), Utility Scale Solar Energy Facility;
PCC § 35-141(D), Permitting Requirements for Large and Utility Scale Solar Energy
Facilities; and PCC § 35-141(E), Decommissioning Requirements for Large and
Utility Scale Solar Energy Facilities. (Staff Contact: Emily S. Ragsdale)

2. Public Hearing: Redistricting Plans Public Comment (Staff Contact: Dave F.

The redistricting of the voting districts in the county is going to have a huge impact on the county, I explained how in this post here, which has links to the plans for you to evaluate them for yourself.


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