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Peter Zeihan on American Power and China’s Coming Collapse – Source – Scott Horton Show

Scott Horton interviews author and geopolitical analyst Peter Zeihan. “Zeihan does not believe China will be a nation state ten years from now. One reason, he argues, is that China’s economy is completely dependent on the disappearing American presence keeping the peace on the world’s oceans. This, of course, leads to a back and forth between him and Scott over just how much America’s presence overseas has been disappearing these last few decades. Zeihan also points to the policies the CCP used to regulate the birthrate, which he explains has led to an insufficient number of childbearing aged people to maintain the Chinese population. On top of that, the economy is built on a pile of debt that puts the country’s economy in jeopardy. Zeihan predicts the CCP will take an ultranationalist turn in response to all of these mounting problems. Something that may make war more likely,” writes Horton.

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