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North Carolina Commissioner of Insurance and State Fire Marshal presents Huntsville Volunteer Fire Chief with the Order of the Guardian In Rockingham County

Wentworth, NC (November 10, 2021) – The Huntsville Volunteer Fire Department invited the North Carolina Commissioner of Insurance and State Fire Marshal to celebrate and honor Station 150 Charter Member, Chief Danny Wilson on Tuesday November 9, 2021.

   Commissioner Mike Causey presented Chief  Danny Wilson with the Order of the Guardian, the highest honor the commissioner can bestow, for Wilson’s 46 years of service to the Huntsville community and Rockingham County. Wilson is stepping down as Chief after nearly 25 years. Wilson’s history with the fire department runs deep. As a founding member of the Huntsville Volunteer Fire Department, Chief Wilson began taking fire safety classes in the fall of 1975 in hopes to offer protection to his neighbors. Since then, his peers named him Firefighter of the Year once in 1979 and again in 2004. Chief Wilson received these honors while volunteering his time. Professionally, Wilson also farmed and retired from two full time positions.

   “I appreciate all the help I’ve had over the years, those who have supported the Huntsville Fire Department and all we do,” Chief Wilson stated Tuesday.

   At 77 years old, Chief Wilson says he wants to step back and allow the younger generation the opportunity. Wilson says he may no longer be Chief but he still plans to run calls and hang around Station 150.

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