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Thunder Road Harley-Davidson In Danville, Virginia Hosts Cannonball Motorcycle Stop (Jody Perewitz Visits) – Mike Swanson

This afternoon, around 3:00 PM EST, motorcycles from around the company began to pull into the Thunder Road Harley-Davidson dealership in Danville, Virginia. The company was hosting a stop for a Cannonball motorcycle event. Over 100 motorcycle drivers, many of them on vintage bikes, some over 100 years old, pulled in for food, fellowship, and fun. Some traveled over 3,000 miles and all were on display for several hours. Here are some videos posted on Facebook of the event. Their next stop is Myrtle Beach and then they are going to Maggie Valley. Eventually they will end up in Texas.

One of the riders was Jody Perewitz, who is world famous in motorcycles. She is the daughter of industry legend custom biker builder Dave Perewtiz, known as the “father of flames.” Jody holds sixteen land speed records, including one which is a world record. Both are based in Massachusetts where they run the Perewitz Cycle Fab.

Thunder-Road Harley Davidson will be holding more events worth checking out or even being a part of. To find out ahead of time, next time they have one, check out their Facebook page here.

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