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County Fear Crowd Tries One More Time To Thwart Rock Festival Outside of Danville, Virginia – Mike Swanson

This is the week of the Blue Ridge Rock Festival. A few months ago the county fear crowd tried to stop it from happening. They said it would bring crime, Satanism, and troublesome outsiders to their front door. Two of the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors danced with them, but then voted for the permit.

Yesterday, opponents of the festival tried one final move against the event, by successfully getting an ABC hearing to attempt to get their alcohol license revoked, as you can see from this tweet by Tunstall District Supervisor Vic Ingram. The hearing failed and the judge who came down from Richmond said that everything was in perfect order.

These people seemed to have no problem when a Christian music event was held at this same place last week.

The event is starting.

Here is more drone footage from DJ Riddle and G Money.

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