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Check Out This Drone Footage of Preparations For The Blue Ridge Rock Festival Near Danville, Virginia – Mike Swanson

Check out this drone video footage of the Blue Ridge Rock Festival to begin in just two days right outside of Danville, Virginia. The footage was filmed on Monday, which is three days before the festival begins by DJ Riddle and G Money. This is one of the most anticipated events to ever happen here.

The Blue Ridge Rock Festival is going to be held in Pittsylvania County between Chatham and Danville, Virginia. It’s happening September 9-12, 2021, and already hotels in the area are completely sold out. They are saying ten to twenty thousand people may be coming to attend daily. Some estimates are even of thirty thousand.

Here is the footage.

“I will try to get one more update shorty from the air but also from the PR staff for parking and entrance updates to help traffic hopefully move a little better,” writes the creator of this video.

Pittsylvania County has posted this traffic update.

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