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Problem: 5,000 Unwanted Pets Every Year In Danville/Pittsylvania County Virginia; Solution Proposed – Mike Swanson

Here is something I didn’t know. Every year there are five thousand unwanted pets in Danville, Virginia and Pittsylvania County combined. This is a tragedy, because most of these are abandoned and then end up suffering out there alone hungry and starving. They end up in the animal shelter where some are successfully adopted, but most are not. It’s a tragedy that doesn’t need to happen.

Veterinarian Dr. Jeff Smith put up a Youtube with a simple proposed solution to this problem. Watch it here.

Doctor Smith operates Family Vet in Danville, Virginia. It is an animal hospital and pet resort serving the Southside Virginia area including Chatham VA, Martinsville VA, South Boston VA and Reidsville NC. Family vet offers grooming, boarding and doggie daycare services in addition to a full service veterinary care center on Piney Forest Road. You can find its website here.

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