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New Farmhouse Butchery Opens North of Danville, Virginia – Mike Swanson

This week is the highly anticipated soft opening for the Farmhouse Butchery. It is located in Tightsqueeze, just south of Chatham, Virginia. That’s about a fifteen minute drive north from Danville, Virginia. It’s in the strip mall style shopping center across from a McDonald’s and a gas station, which has Frank’s Pizza restaurant in it.

The address is 13926 HWY 29, Chatham, Va. Their soft opening this week is through Saturday from 10am-7pm. So, they will be open today.

What you will find there is locally grown beef, chicken, and pork from area farms. They also get fresh seafood from the coast every Wednesday. The owners operate Harris Farm Grown, and have been fixtures at the farmers market at the Old Dominion Agriculture Complex, which did this Facebook post sharing this news yesterday.

This is great and I plan on stopping by and getting some fresh food myself soon!

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