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Lynn Street Market In Danville To Close Tuesday With Deep Discounts (Reason Why) – Mike Swanson

On Monday the owners and employees of Lynn Street Market in Danville, Virginia announced that they are going to close their doors on Tuesday. They are preparing a lot of meals for this final day and are going to be running deep discounts for their groceries. They made this announcement with a Facebook post and a video.

People are in shock, however this may not be the last that we’ll see of the people of Lynn Street Market. The owner said in the video that he is closing, because he sold his business. We just saw something similar happen with the Westside Diner this Sunday. As you can see from the video, they say that they’ll all be doing something and that we should be able to see them somewhere in the area. I’m not sure what they will be doing, but will be keeping my eyes open to find out, and it sounds like something will be taking its place at its location on Lynn Street.

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