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A Slurring Jim Cramer Tells People Up to 5% of your portfolio should be in crypto – Mike Swanson

This week Jim Cramer told his CNBC audience that people should put up to 5% of their assets into collectible crypto coins. He does this in response to a caller who actually tells him that he worries that they are too volatile to consider as safe investments. The caller is correct – crypto is an instrument of speculation, like a call option, but not a currency nor a safe haven. Few investment advisors would tell their clients to put up to 5% of their assets into it, because to do so would be a reckless act.

Cramer seems more manic than usual in this video?

Is he drugged, slurring his speech, or forced to sometimes say crazy things and act crazy to maintain TV ratings?

He has to fill time somehow or ratings will drop and his show will be gone.

This has been a dull market week, with little to really say about it. Today is the Jackson Hole meeting so there should finally be something worth commenting on over the weekend.


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