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The Most Interesting Market Move This Week Is In Bonds (Impact On Gold And Commodities) – Mike Swanson (07/08/2021)

On Wednesday, the stock market fell a little bit and yesterday the stock market got hit even harder on the open, to cause the VIX to go up 20% at one point during the day, but the most interesting move this week is actually happening in the bond market as the 10-year Treasury bond yield got down to 1.25 on Thursday.

In this video I talk about what is moving bonds, how I traded them, and what they are likely to do next. I also talk about their relationship on these moves to gold, silver, and the commodity market.

Also, yesterday I did a video update with Ike Iossif of in which he went over his money flow indicators for the stock market and gold stocks. This is an important interview you can find here.


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