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Live Stock Trading Session: We Can Get A Bounce/Rally After A DOW Down 800+ VIX Up 30%+ Day, But Stock Market Risks Grow Now So Selling Some Robinhood Positions – Mike Swanson (07/19/2021)

Monday was an ugly day for the stock market as the DOW fell over 800 points as I recorded this video live in the last 30 minutes of trading. I do think the overall risks in the market are growing now for the next few months, and explained why in my morning post before the opening bell this Monday, and I actually did some selling in this video to reduce my risks. But, at the same time I do think today helps create the conditions that make some sort of bounce/rally highly likely into next week.

A lot of people prefer videos over text, but the charts in my morning post give you a better idea of what led to this drop in the market today than I say quickly in a video. If you missed it go here.


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