Ryan McMaken on the Apocalyptic Threat of Nuclear Weapons – Source – Scott Horton Show (03/09/2021)

Scott Horton talked to Ryan McMaken about nuclear proliferation. “McMaken describes two lessons that other countries have learned from the U.S. about nukes: (1) America will use the threat of an emerging nuclear program as an excuse for invasion, as it did in Iraq and threatens to do in Iran, and (2) America has so far been unwilling to make serious threats against any nuclear-armed country. Although the first trend seems like it would be an obstacle for any country wishing to protect itself from the threat of war with the U.S., North Korea provides a recent example of a country that chose to pursue a deterrent nuclear program. But although it greatly lessens the possibility of war, this isn’t necessarily a good thing. A nuclear-armed world may make us safer in some immediate respects, but overall, only greatly increases the possibility of disastrous global conflict,” writes Horton.

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