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Lyle J. Goldstein on the Nuclear Tensions Between the US and Russia – Source – Scott Horton Show (02/12/2021)

Scott Horton talked to Lyle Goldstein about the U.S.-Russia relationship and the future of global nuclear arms negotiations. “Goldstein says that after the Cold War, the world’s nuclear weapon situation was mostly under control—as a result, people today have forgotten how dangerous these weapons are, as evidenced by the American government’s willingness to let old treaties lapse. Today, explains Goldstein, there’s almost nothing preventing another buildup and proliferation of nuclear weapons. Given the risks to our very existence on this planet, Goldstein stresses that getting along peaceably with Russia is among the most important issues in the world. At a certain point, we have to be okay with them handling their own business in eastern Europe without threatening to go to war over issues that are none of our business,” writes Scott Horton.

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