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Ochelli Effect: After Uprising Action Reports – Mike Swanson (01/15/2021)

On Tuesday night I was live on the Ochelli Effect discussing the wild events in Washington DC over the past week.

In his show notes Chuck wrote, “Mike Swanson talked in hour one about the fallout from the Q inspired actions in DC 6 days earlier. Chuck and Mike both examined the strangeness of the intellectual basis for the mob. Chuck also asked if Mike regrets his vote for Trump in 2016. JP Sottile used the allegory of Conan The Barbarian to illustrate the stranger danger of Cult 45. What will come next? Is everyone exhausted yet? Does a cop being beaten with an American flag on a pole sum up things for us? It all sounds rather cryptic, doesn’t it? Will Mitch turn on Trump? Will Q decide all non-Trumpian Red Tie people are the enemies of The Red Hats?”

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