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Matt Frailey of BPT Talks About His KISS Trading System Prepare for Stock Market 20201 – Mike Swanson (12/28/2020)

DOW futures are trading up 100 points in pre-market action with strong morning action in European markets and oil. It looks like the market is going to glide into the end of 2020, which typically is what it does at the end of ever year as most people are on vacation.

And more importantly, people thinking about selling to take profits typically wait a few days to delay their taxes. That means less volume in the market and less needed to generate a green day.

Last week I had an interesting conversation with Matt Frailey of about the general stock market action this year and how to prepare for next year. You want to play the upswings in the S&P 500 and individual stocks, but also be prepared for the next market dump, because one will one day happen again. Matt presented his new “KISS” trading system to show us how he is doing just that using a simple technical analysis indicator system. Listen in this video.

Matt has given you a generous 20% discount access code to get access to his trading signals. Just enter code the SWANSON20 and use this link here.


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