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The Implications Of High Stock Market Volatility: A Defining Feature of 2020 – Mike Swanson (11/19/2020)

This is the first in a series of videos designed to build on top of one another titled “Investing In A Time Of Turmoil.” In this series we look at the state of the financial markets going into the end of 2020 after the big giant crash in March and subsequent big rally. Where are things going to go in 2021 for stock market investors and beyond? What is the best way to invest when interest rates are zero? This is a big problem for investors in the United States who have tended to put a big portion of their account into bonds as the safe have portion of their portfolio. What is the point when they now yield nothing?

In the first video I talk about what has been the defining feature of the stock market this year – high volatility – and what it means for next year.

Look for the next video in this series soon.


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