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Why Is The Stock Market Selling Off? (With David Skarica) – Mike Swanson (09/09/2020)

The Nasdaq got hit hard again yesterday as shares of Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) were down over 15%. I talked with David Skarica of about the action in the markets as they were trading Tuesday and asked him why is it selling off? I did this interview with him around 1:30 PM EST and things were ugly, but there were signs of oversold hope on a short-term basis even if the long-term parabolic charts show the risks are very high right now.

Interestingly though down days in the markets like this show us where the strength actually is. The stocks that are actually up on the bad days are the ones really worth considering buying. For instance as we were talking Barrick Gold was up for the day as the price of gold and silver went up.


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