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This Is The Stock Trading Computer Program I Use To Pick Out Stocks – Mike Swanson (08/26/2020)

When you buy a stock you have to know whether you are doing so for a short-term trade or for a long-term investment. If you are doing quick trading you then need to focus on short-term trading patterns like breakouts and triangle patterns and don’t need to think about fundamentals and the sector that much, but when you want to aim for bigger longer term returns then you need to make sure that the sector is outperforming the stock market and it is a top stock of the sector. I use TC2000 made by Worden Brothers to do both. In this video I quickly show how this technical analysis stock trading software works.

And no surprise – right now the price of gold and silver price chart are still completely smashing the performance of the S&P 500 so far year to date by 4X!

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