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Ochelli Effect Interview: August Dollar Weakness Virus Strong Means What? – Mike Swanson (08/20/2020)

On Tuesday I was like on The Ochelli Effect for an hour. I talked about the falling US dollar and coming inflation it will bring and noted how NO ONE is talking about this at all on the mainstream media or the “alternative media” which is now a simple distraction machine.

You can listen to this as an MP3 file by clicking here. Or Youtube.

After I talked JP Sottile of the came on in the second hour. “JP Sottile talked about the latest limited hang-out regarding Russia helping Trump getting selected in 2016,” writes Chuck Ochelli, “is the comedy or just another trip beyond reality TV? What is a good source for Russian news? Where do you get your propaganda? Is there a global conspiracy or a conspiracy of globalists? Is there anything new in the news?”

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