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Junior Silver Mining Stocks As A “Call Option” On Silver – Mike Swanson (05/31/2020)

This weekend I had a special discussion with Ike Iossif of about the markets and investing in precious metals stocks. I discussed the current inflows/outflows for the SP500 that Ike’s indicators are showing us with him. We then talked about bitcoin, and how/why Junior Silver Mining stocks can serve as a “Call Option” on silver over the next two-three years without the burden/risk of expiration.

In my view small cap junior mining explorations stocks are the best way to aim for big returns in the gold and silver market. They don’t expire like call options do or have the problems of leveraged ETF’s – which we saw in the blow-ups of JNUG and NUGT. You also have seen this yourself in my top stock pick for April and May. Look for a new on this Monday.


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