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Podcast: In Denial: Ripping The Cover Off Of Global Secret Wars (With Larry Hancock) – Mike Swanson (04/20/2020)

Stock market traders always buy looking over the horizon, but we are living now in a more uncertain world. In this podcast I spoke with Larry Hancock who just released a new book titled In Denial: Secrets Wars With Air Strikes And Tanks.

Larry’s book is a great read and reveals the history of secret warfare since the 1950’s. The US engaged in famous secret wars such as in Cuba, Laos, and in the Congo in the 1970’s and the 1980’s. Most of these operations were failures and Larry reveals the big problems they had. Despite that secret operations are now coming into vogue in use by not just the United States, but now by Russia, China, and Iran.

What is happening?

Larry’s book rips the cover off this secret world and is a must read. You can grab it now at Amazon right here:


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