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Microcap Stock PCT Ltd (OTCMKTS: PCTL) Surges As Coronavirus Hospital Play – Mike Swanson (04/18/2020)

Traders are looking for stocks to buy as coronavirus plays. Yesterday we saw cannabis stock CBD Life Sciences become a top gainer of the day on the US OTC markets when it said it was going to sell hand sanitizer bottles. Today we are seeing PCTL rally on news that it is selling disinfectants to hospitals. Take a look at the stock.

Shares of PCT Ltd are up over 36% today on over 32 million shares of volume. The stock has a market cap less than $35 million and the company is based in Little River, South Carolina. The company is getting attention for spray cart units it plans to sell to hospitals. Here is what they look like.

It issued a press release yesterday stating that it was installing its first unit inside a New England hospital. Many traders that are on Twitter have been energized by this news as you can see from these tweets:

This has been a fun move for people who got in early, but I do not know how long it will last. A lot of stocks can get caught up in memes like this and then fall after the traders start to take their profits. I focus on companies part of a bigger sector trend. That’s why I made Aftermath Silver my top pick for April. Check out my update on it here.