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Podcast: It Is Time To End The Panic Over The Coronavirus – Mike Swanson (03/02/2020)

I have had enough of the fear and panic people have been spreading on TV and on the internet over the coronavirus. I did a podcast expressing my feelings over this and the stats I believe make it so no one should be in a panic over this situation. What is happening is every single time there has been ONE new case of this virus it has been treated as breaking news in a click or view grab when if you step back and look at the big picture it is just not a crisis situation. It simply IS NOT.

On Weds and Friday the CDC will update the stats on the number of people infected by the virus inside the United States. If it isn’t a crisis situation by Friday then it never will be! You have no reason to be in a panic now. You’ll know by Friday from their information if you really should be worried and so far there is no solid reason to be!

Watch their info by going here:


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