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Podcast: Coronavirus Puts Country Into War Situation As Foreign Propaganda Appears (Special Guest Carmine Savastano) – Mike Swanson (03/23/2020)

The coronavirus has put the country and the world into something like a war situation. Tanks are not invading the country and bombers aren’t dropping bombs, but the fallout of the virus is causing so much damage it is as if bombs were dropping on schools and businesses by shutting them down and a lot of people are doing to die from the virus as it runs its course. It made me think today of the old Star Trek episode a Taste of Armageddon – in which a virtual war devastates just as much as real ones do. The stock market is not correcting in a bull market, but instead is falling as companies face real devastation and the bond market implodes. In this podcast I talked with Carmine Savastano, author of the book Human Time Bomb: The Violence Within Our Nature about the situation.

Carmine sees a big problem with the spread of disinformation and propaganda that needs to be addressed.


Federal government response plan to the virus dated March 13:

“Inside The Military’s Top Secret Plans If Coronavirus Cripples The Government” – Newsweek:

Operation InfeKtion: How Russia Perfected the Art of War:

Carmine’s book Human Time Bomb:

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