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Turkey Sends Armored Vehicles to Reinforce Border with Syria – Source – VOA (02/05/2020)

Turkey dispatched a military convoy of 40 tow trucks carrying armored vehicles to its border with Syria to reinforce its outposts, Tuesday, February 4, in response to rising tensions in the area.

Turkish forces hit Syrian government military targets across Syria’s Idlib province Monday. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the offensive was in retaliation for a deadly attack by Damascus on Turkish soldiers. “Those who test Turkey’s determination regarding Syria’s Idlib with such treacherous attacks will realize their mistake,” Erdogan told reporters before departing for a visit to Ukraine. “It is not possible for us to remain silent when our soldiers are being martyred,” he added. Erdogan said 46 Syrian targets had been identified and were being hit by heavy artillery and F-16 fighter bombers. The Turkish president said “initial reports” confirmed between 30 and 35 Syrian regime casualties.”

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