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QH ~ Ep.7 The Fractured and The Unproductive – Source – Loose Moose™️ Productions (02/14/2020)

IN THIS EPISODE~ Items up for discussion and analysis: The latest news & controversy surrounding the competing research conferences in Dallas this past November, and more debate on the validity of such gatherings; A recent article by author Donald Jeffries on the “fractured and unproductive” nature of the Assassination Research Community; Lee Oswald in Mexico City; How reliable is handwriting analysis in investigating Lee Oswald?, listener emails an MUCH MORE!

Listen to “QH ~ Ep.7 The Fractured and The Unproductive” on Spreaker.

PLUS! What *exactly* did “JFK” filmmaker Olive Stone say to Judyth Baker this past November in Dallas? TUNE IN for EXCLUSIVE AUDIO, ONLY ON “QUICK HITS”!

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