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Gareth Porter on Mike Pompeo’s Gulf of Tonkin Incident – Source – Scott Horton Show (01/15/2020)

Gareth Porter joined Scott Horton to once again to discuss what he calls Mike Pompeo’s “Gulf of Tonkin incident” on his podcast.

You can listen to the MP3 file by clicking here.

“In the real Gulf of Tonkin incident, McNamara intentionally misled President Johnson in order to incite war between the U.S. and North Vietnam. Porter says that Pompeo pulled a similar maneuver in deceiving President Trump about the extent to which Soleimani and the Iranians were behind the recent embassy attacks in Iraq in order to persuade him to carry out Soleimani’s assassination. For the time being, at least, it appears that Trump is satisfied to let the Iranians save face with their missile strike and is not interested in further escalation,” writes Scott Horton.

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