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Podcast: Why Is There So Much Discord? Carmine Savastano’s Three Origins Of Violence Provide An Answer – Mike Swanson (11/21/2019)

In this podcast talked with Carmine Savastano who runs the Neapolis Media Group and is the author of the book Two Princes And A King, about the JFK, RFK, and MLK assassinations. Carmine is also coming out with a new book in February titled Human Time Bomb: The Violence Within Our Nature. You can pre-order this book by going here:

Pre-order – Human Time Bomb: The Violence Within Our Nature

Carmine’s new book came about as part of his research into the origins of violent human behavior. We live in times of discord and cultural mania and his work sheds led on some of the reasons why. This discussion with Carmine also was provoked by his publication of an article he wrote titled Origins of Violence that you can find here – with summary and resource links:

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