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QUICK HITS #2: JFK Assassination Research With Rob Clark & Doug Campbell – Source – Drop-D Podcast Productions (10/05/2019)

ATTENTION ALL HANDS! Episode #2 of QUICK HITS: JFK Assassination Research News & Notes, With Rob Clark (“The Lone Gunman Podcast”) and Doug Campbell (“The Dallas Action Podcast”) HAS UPLOADED. Click THIS LINK:…/quick-hits-2-jfk-assassination-r… to listen/download NOW.

JOIN US as Rob & Doug discuss:
* The passing of (2) Important Witnesses: Marita Lorenz and Dr. Robert McClelland;
* The passing of a (some say) Suspect in the Assassination of Robert Kennedy, Thane Eugene Cesar;
* Plus a range of other topics, including;
*Where WAS Lee Oswald during The Shooting? Eating lunch? Out front? Firing shots? Does it really matter? AND…Derailing the “George Bush Disinformation Train.”

~Written & Hosted By Rob Clark & Doug Campbell
~Recorded & Produced By Grant Wilson

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