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Rob Ager’s top 100 video games of all time – Source – Collative Learning (09/17/2019)

” HOW I COMPILED THIS LIST: These games span my personal game playing over a 40 year period with nostalgia games mostly appearing lower down the list, but there is a roughly equal number of games from each of the last four decades. My primary criteria for compiling the list is how much I enjoyed the games at the time of release rather than how the games compare to each other today. To that effect the list is as much a history of video games from my perspective. I’ve also tried to vary my choices in game type, complexity and platform on which the games appeared. Inevitably there are some genres of game that I’ve never been into and thus aren’t represented on this list. There are also some famous game franchises I haven’t played end so they aren’t on the list,” writes Rob Ager.

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